Israeli attack on the “factory”


Once again, the Israeli enemy used remotely piloted aircraft to target one of the resistance’s cars. Yesterday morning, “Drone” fired two missiles at its target, a Jeep Cherokee, meters away from the Syrian customs hangar in Jdeideh Yabous. While the nature of the raid and the target was not yet clear, as the members of the car managed to leave it after the first missile exploded in front of it before the second missile struck it, the resistance did not deny or confirm the targeting of one of its cars, while the Syrian official SANA agency announced that an enemy Israeli march had fired two missiles at a car at the border Lebanese – Syrian. This attack comes in light of the heavy flare-up of days of drones and warships in Lebanese airspace, and more than assaulting targets inside Syria from Lebanese airspace. The raid also comes after the incitement campaign by the enemy army and its spokesperson on social media, by posting a video of a military tour on the border to senior officers in the Syrian army and claiming that one of the leaders of the resistance was accompanying them, and threatening the Syrian army and the resistance. The Israeli enemy is trying to maintain its aggressive measures under the guise of “deterrent” moves against the resistance, citing activities in the Syrian south, and against operations to develop the capabilities of the Syrian army and transfer of weapons to Lebanon, in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and its preoccupation with the home front. These steps appear to be both hostile and deliberate, governed by fear of any rolling engagement on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts together towards a military clash that puts both sides in front of the inevitable deferred war.


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