Is the Hariri-Jumblatt attack on the government in harmony with one of the poles supporting it?


Despite the success of the government of President Hassan Diab in responding to the outbreak of the “Corona” epidemic, and preventing it to an acceptable level, according to international standards, thanks to the great efforts made by Minister of Health Hamad Hassan, in the first place, and with the modest capabilities available The Lebanese state has, however, faced with “live meat” the consequences of a pandemic that long-established, stable states have failed to cope with in a satisfactory manner.

Adding to the partial success, which Diab scored, in dealing with the file of financial appointments, and withdrawing it from circulation at the cabinet table, a refusal to perpetuate the custom of quotas in jobs between political and sectarian forces that prevailed before, but these two successes are not enough. The government was late in completing the desired rescue plan to address the difficult economic, financial and living conditions, which are threatening an imminent social explosion, unless the government takes the initiative to remedy matters, before it is too late. At a time it is still looking at adopting and studying economic plans, but the accuracy of the extremely dangerous economic and social conditions does not allow it to prolong the time of studies, as it is at stake, and the seriousness of the mentioned conditions requires them to make a quick decision regarding the approval of the required plan.

The assertion that the government’s delay in completing this plan will open the way for its opponents and opponents, to attack it and try to foil it, in preparation for bringing it down, of course, if they can. Because its success will contribute to ending “leaders” and the influence of currents, which have dominated the country’s capabilities and its goods for nearly three decades, through solidarity and interdependence between these mentioned leaders and influence, in the words of an Islamic reference close to the resistance team. In turn, he warned against trying to harm the government from within it, and an attempt by one of its sponsors to protect the financial interests of his followers, and to take advantage of the circumstance, to record populist positions, at the wrong time, always according to the reference.

The reference considered that the attack of the duo, President Saad Hariri and former MP Walid Jumblatt, on the government, comes in the natural context, because they are fighting a conflict of existence, but what is suspicious is that this attack is in harmony with the interests of one of the supposed supportive poles of this government, or on The least “armpit dome of it”, the reference said, without naming this pole.

The authority asserts that this duo cannot, and no one else, take the country where it pleases. The political-financial system, represented by “political freedom”, is not viable and will not last long.

And he confirms that the change will inevitably come, after the expected settlement, to end the bloody conflict in the region as a whole, therefore, Lebanon will not be immune to any change coming to it, pointing out that the previous events that passed in it proved that the majority of Lebanese forces and politicians, usually They ride a train of any regional and international settlement “cooked for the region,” the reference concludes.


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