Is the case of the French star’s liver closed permanently?


Press sources revealed a new development in the case of liver transplant, Eric Abidal, the current technical secretary of Barcelona club.
The former Barcelona player was suffering from liver cancer, and then he recovered after a transplant, which caused a sensation, as the French star was accused of illegally obtaining the liver by purchasing human organs from unofficial organizations, and the fingers at that time pointed to former Barcelona club president Sandro Russell.
According to forensic reports, the Spanish newspaper, Sport, confirmed that Gerard Arman, Abidal’s cousin, had donated part of his liver to him, after it was proven that he had undergone this operation, which proved the veracity of the French star’s words.
The newspaper said that all the parties concerned obtained forensic reports for Abidal tests, which included the appearance of results identical to the tests taken by his cousin in the Val-de-Heron hospital.
It remains for the judge to obtain official documents from France confirming the direct relationship of relationship between Abidal and Arman to the ruling of the first acquittal of the charge and the closing of the case once and for all.


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