Is “plasma recuperators” a real hope in treating corona?


The idea of ​​using antibodies to the virus from patients who recovered from Corona to treat other people with difficulty breathing is based on an ancient history dating back to the Spanish flu era. In the beginning of the last century, this method was used to support the immunity of those sickened by the disease through the immunity of patients who were able to fight the virus. This method is called “plasma treatment of those recovering from the disease.”

The use of plasma-recovered patients to treat other older patients was done with the Spanish flu at the beginning of the last century

Recently, recuperative plasma therapy has been used to treat some cases of Zika, Ebola, SARS and avian influenza.It is a promising method, but it is still being tested in a limited number of patients whose condition has deteriorated in Canada and the United States. We had previously tried the method in China on 11 patients and the results were promising, as respiratory symptoms diminished significantly after the injection of people with plasma 3 days.

Although clinical trials using plasma recovering from the disease are still limited in Asia and North America, the most important positive results are an improvement in the condition of those who have been injected, and they do not need artificial respiration devices a few days after injection of the immune plasma.

However, the increased use of recovered plasma in treatment requires more studies on the response of people with different health problems to this treatment. Many countries in Asia and Europe are now turning to the use of immune plasma for those recovering from the severe cases of corona.


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