Is Japan arriving to treat Corona virus?


After Japan entered the line of efforts to discover a treatment for the emerging coronavirus, Fujifilm Holding Company announced that it would begin the second phase of clinical trials on its new drug in the United States.

The Japanese company seeks from behind these experiments, to measure the effectiveness and safety of its treatment, which it calls “Avigan”, knowing that it was used against influenza.

The Japanese authorities had given the green light earlier, in order to manufacture and sell this drug as a treatment for influenza.

Because of its mechanism of action, Avigan is expected to have an adverse effect on the emerging corona virus, as there are similarities between the two viruses.

On March 31, the Japanese company announced the start of the third stage of clinical trials on the drug in Japan, in a favor that shows the acceleration of the company’s work pace in an attempt to pass the drug and authorize its use.

The second phase of clinical trials in the United States will involve 50 patients with the Corona virus, and will be carried out in cooperation with the Birmingham Women’s Hospital in Alabama, the Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, according to the New York Times.

This phase, during which the drug is being tested in a limited number of patients, will continue until the end of next June.

If proven effective, it will move to the third and final stage of the clinical trials.

The success of the virus in American clinical trials is likely to facilitate its approval and use worldwide.

The drug was developed by the drug company “Toyama Chemical” of “Fujifilm:”, and the company drew international attention last March when a Chinese official spoke of the clinical trials of the new treatment indicate its effectiveness.

The Japanese government expressed support for boosting drug production, noting that it intends to double the stock of the drug 3 times during this current fiscal year, so that it can be used to treat about two million people.


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