Is India helping the United States provide HIV treatment?


Is India changing the rules of the game in the battle against the Corona virus? Last Sunday, US President Donald Trump called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a day after India announced a ban on large-scale export of hydroxy chloroquine. She began studying Trump’s request to lift the ban on the export of medicine stocks. But is India in a position to help the United States? Does hydroxychloroquine primarily affect the Corona virus?

What is hydroxychloroquine? It is a drug very similar to chloroquine, one of the oldest drugs used to prevent and treat malaria.

The drug also helps treat some autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis and lupus, and has attracted attention over the past few decades for its potential in fighting bacterial diseases.

Trump said that the US Food and Drug Administration approved the drug to treat corona, which the aforementioned administration denied. Later, Trump said that the drug is used in cases of hopeless recovery, which means that the doctor can prescribe a drug to a patient in a critical condition, even if the drug is not officially authorized for use yet. In this case, doctors can prescribe chloroquine, as it is a registered drug.

Can India Really Help Trump?

Hydroxychloroquine can be obtained without a prescription, and is not expensive. However, its purchase and use have been severely restricted since it was called a possible treatment for Covid-19.

Last Saturday, India banned the export of the drug “without any exception”, coinciding with the high incidence of HIV infection in the country. India has so far registered more than 3,666 cases, and more than 100 deaths, according to the latest data of the country’s Ministry of Health. However, it appears that the government may reconsider the ban, after a call by Trump to Modi. But does India – one of the world’s largest drug manufacturers – have the means to supply it to other countries?

The answer is yes, according to Ashok Kumar Madan, from the Association of Manufacturers of Medicines in India. He tells BBC: “India certainly has the potential to manufacture for both the domestic and international markets.” Of course we must consider the domestic request first, but we have the possibility to meet the two. ”

Madan denies reports of acute Chinese measures to prevent the export of the biological ingredient used to manufacture hydroxychloroquine. He notes that 70 percent of the vital ingredients India needs to manufacture medicines, sourced from China, and explained that supplies from China continued “by sea and air.”

Is the drug useful?

A number of virus and epidemiologists warn that enthusiasm for Hydroxychloroquine is premature.

“Laboratory studies show that chloroquine is blocking the Corona virus. Some trials by doctors show that the drug appears to be helping with this,” says James Gallagher, BBC health correspondent.

Adequate clinical trials have yet to be conducted to resolve the effect of the drug on patients, although it has already been launched in China, the United States, Britain and Spain, questioning the success of the drug.

“If the drug had a tangible effect on the clinical course of Covid-19, we would have obtained actual evidence now. It has not yet happened, and what we can conclude is that if the drug is absolutely beneficial, its effect will be modest at best,” says doctor Josita Basso. For BBC. Raman R. said Gangajidkar, Senior Scientist of Indian Council of Medical Research, directives at present is not to use the medicine to everyone. He explained that “we are waiting for the collection of laboratory data from doctors, only then can we make a decision whether or not the drug will be prescribed for everyone.” Although the tests have not yet determined the efficacy of the drug, people started self-medication, which sometimes led to severe consequences. Press reports from Nigeria reported poisoning, due to an overdose of the drug, after Trump’s enthusiastic support. An article in the Lancet medical journal warns that hydroxychloroquine may have side effects if the dose is not controlled with caution.

This confusion urged communication sites such as Facebook and Twitter to delete posts referring to chloroquine as a treatment, even if those who shared them were heads of state.


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