Iranian Guard Service again .. Society of Sciences in Iran is skeptical


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Still echoes Corona Virus Remote Diagnostic, Which was announced by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards two days ago, hesitate on the Iranian street and on the communication platforms.

This alleged body has received a plentiful share of criticism from both Iranian officials and local scientific institutions.

In the latest rounds of criticism, the Iranian Physical Sciences is questioning.

In details, the association declared in a statement, commenting on the aforementioned agency, that “this claim is far from knowing and cannot be believed.”

She added: “Human knowledge is currently unable to discover particles with dimensions of about 100 nanometers from afar.”

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hussein Salami, announced in a press conference broadcast by the “News Network” of the Iranian Radio and Television, on Wednesday, that the Basij forces invented a device that can detect infection with the new virus from 100 meters in just 5 seconds!

However, the Iranian Ministry of Health soon announced its lack of support for this device, while some indicated that a similar device had previously been invented to detect metals and oil remotely.

A new and unique phenomenon

When revealing the new device, Salamy said: “What you see is a new and unique phenomenon, as some sincere scientists invented it in the Basij after the spread of the Corona virus in the country.”

He added: “The basic work of the device is based on the creation of a magnetic field, that is, by filling a bipolar virus into the device,” but he did not clarify what is meant by “bipolar virus.”

Revolutionary Guards
Revolutionary Guards

He also stressed that “the advantage of this device is that it does not need a blood sample, and it performs remote testing and works with smart technology .. It is able to identify people infected with the virus. At the same time it can be used for smart cleansing of non-contaminated areas. It can also be used For widespread examination. ”

It is noteworthy that this invention raised a wave of criticism and ridicule on social media, as a number of Iranian tweeters called on the guards to persevere in working to provide remedies for Corona remotely too!


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