Irada mental health complex provides treatment delivery service to its beneficiaries


Arada mental health complex in Jeddah has developed a service to deliver medicines for patients of the complex to their homes without the need to review the complex, in cooperation with both the Zamzam Association and the Peace Society, where the auditor is in advance contacting the service request or for medical advice on the following numbers:- Previously “Hope” will services (0126544293 – 0126542962 ext. 1701 – 1703 or mobile number 0549154731).

Mental Health Services (0122686451 or Mobile No. 0546202740)

And that is during the official working hours, after which the service will be coordinated, as the emergency department continues to receive emergency cases that require visiting the complex.

The development and implementation of the dispensing and delivery service comes in light of the precautionary measures taken by the Ministry of Health in the face of the new Corona pandemic (Covid 19) and the directions that advise staying in homes and not going out except for the extreme necessity.


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