IPhone SE is less powerful than iPhone 11 despite having the same processor


Works Telephone iPhone SE The new slide A13 Bionic With the third generation ofNeural Engine, The same as a device processor iPhone 11And while a device iPhone SE Compact, however, it has a more powerful processor when compared to a device iPhone XR, Who works with a chip A12 Bionic With the second generation of Neural Engine.

It is reported that Apple may use a different version of the chip A13 BionicRecalling the benchmarks results from AnTuTu Indicates that although there is the same processor in iPhone 11 And theiPhone SE, The device iPhone SE Slightly weak, and its performance matches the 2018 series of iPhone phones such as iPhone XS or XR.

Based on the data currently available in Antutu, The wizard iPhone SE The new system works A13 He currently has a maximum score of 492166, and these scores have placed a device iPhone SE The new just above the series iPhone XS Much less than a chain reference score iPhone 11.

It was designed iPhone SE It is one of the powerful and compact smartphones while a device iPhone XR And theiPhone 11 They come with the same screen Liquid Retina HD 6.1-inch device iPhone SE It features a screen Retina HD 4.7 inches smaller.

A device comes iPhone SE Also with a plate LCD IPS It has a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels at a density of 326 pixels per inch, as it contains iPhone SE On the same rear camera in iPhone XRIt is a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera and one lens, and there is support for video recording 4K And theOIS Also.

The back camera features are similar to a device iPhone XRHowever, the front camera differs slightly, as it contains a device iPhone XR On a front camera TrueDepth 7MP With camera 7MP With 1080 video recordingp HD Up to 60fps, while a device comes iPhone SE With a front camera FaceTime HD 7MP With 1080 video recordingp HD Up to 30 fps.


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