Introductions to the evening news on Sunday 5/4/2020


* Introduction to the Lebanon TV newsletter

Corona imposed its weight on Palm Sunday celebrations, in Lebanon and the world, and the upward path of the epidemic heralds the worst.

Today, the Lebanese were busy following up the arrival of two planes from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, carrying a number of expatriates who preferred to return to their families in light of the Corona pandemic, while this evening two additional planes arrive from Lagos and Abidjan, and the returnees are transported to quarantine centers, amid exceptional measures taken by a committee Follow-up to protect their health and that of their relatives.

Note that six medical crews will be on board each plane, to ensure the results of the PCR checks and the health status of each passenger. In this context, Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced that there are no injuries among the returnees so far.

President Aoun stressed the importance of caring for all returnees, and ensuring social welfare for them and their families. While President Hassan Diab toured the Rafic Hariri International Airport, inspecting the progress of logistical, medical and security measures, and asserting that the government is concerned with every Lebanese at home and abroad.

And to complement the general mobilization decision, a decision by the Minister of Interior on the timing of the movement of the mechanisms according to the numbers of their plates, to reduce mobility and overcrowding, he added a warning that if violations continued, the ministry would be obliged to escalate the procedures, leading to a permanent stop to traffic and a total closure.

Financially, the Association of Banks announced that it will determine the daily exchange rate for the dollar, in coordination with the Bank of Lebanon, pending the establishment and operation of the electronic trading system.


* Introduction to NBN TV News

Between estranged Lebanon and resident Lebanon, the largest air bridge was inaugurated to connect the wings in the time of Corona.

The first flight of the returnees was with a plane that landed at noon at Beirut Airport coming from Riyadh, followed by again in the afternoon, coming from Abu Dhabi. Rosary with two other planes arriving this evening from Lagos and Abidjan.

The alert was evident at the level of all security, administrative, medical, and health services, to receive the returnees.

Before the first plane landed, the government quorum was present at Beirut airport: the prime minister, along with five ministers including the Minister of Health, arrived early to see in the field the logistical and technical preparations that were described as strict.

The first stage was accomplished smoothly, to the point that it caused President Saad Hariri to assert that the measures taken are appreciated.

But return suffers from anger and resentment when the Middle East company raises the prices of travel cards in a way that only the affluent can afford, but the poor of expatriates and students of science are not in their hands, however, on behalf of the company’s president, the Minister of Transport preached a decision to settle the tickets for needy students, while what was done The announcement of a discount of up to fifty percent on tickets for this category.

The satisfaction that comes with the wings of the return of the Lebanese abroad, was supported by good data regarding the daily harvest of the Corona virus at home. These good data were reflected in the report of the Ministry of Health, which foretold only seven new infections, although the number of those examined in the last twenty-four hours was three hundred and eighty-nine.

In a move aimed at curbing the movement of citizens and reducing traffic, the Ministry of Interior set three days per week for cars with single-ended plates, and another three days for those ending with a double number.


* Introduction to “Al-Manar” TV Newsletter

The state came to Beirut airport today, so the event was worthy of this crowd that respected the health conditions. The country was receiving its other half in this ordeal, the expatriate half who had always stood beside the mother country in all adversity.

The government succeeded in the first day of the difficult test, from the moment the planes landed until the expatriates reached the places of domestic or hotel quarantine, but it is too early to give the final mark that will undoubtedly be the result of an integrated effort that everyone shares. The arrivals must respect the implicit division, that they will not be the cause of the increase in the number of HIV infections, and that they implement what they mean from the plan set by the state, so that the negative effects of returning them to zero.

The numbers of new infections announced by the Ministry of Health are optimistic and risky if widespread violations of public mobilization persist in many areas.

In a step to limit violations, as of tomorrow, the implementation of the single and double number flowcharts will be applied to the mechanisms. What about the pedestrians, do the people who roam the streets feel for one reason or another that the situation is dangerous, before they turn single and double numbers on the list of injured and corona victims? Let us learn from what is happening around us in the world, and draw lessons from even the reckless.

The American president, after many weeks of recklessness and lessening the severity of the disease, is warning: America is about to be horrific, perhaps we have never seen such numbers of deaths in World War I or II, says Donald Trump, waving his willingness to fight a new species From wars, it is a war of gags, and vowing revenge if the Americans do not get their needs from it.

As for Queen Elizabeth II, she receives a rare word that talks about the sorrows, the loss of loved ones, and enormous changes in daily life, after the Prime Minister of Britain, like his friend Trump, underestimated the virus and called for the herd’s immunity.


* Introduction to OTV TV News

Welcome to Beirut International Airport, a phrase heard by the diaspora returning home, which was included in the evacuation plan for the Lebanese government.

However, the impact of this welcome was different this time, with no family receptions nor an atmosphere of rejoicing for the return of those who had paid the expatriate price for their livelihood. Only the medical staff was at the reception, with the greeting attached to the word “God willing,”.

Crews sent confidence among the returnees, as well as residents who were anxious throughout the past period of the possibility of this step of return causing the epidemic to spread rapidly in the country, after the tremendous efforts that they fought alongside the Lebanese government, which, according to the numbers, resulted in the sprawl of the spread of Corona even for a while, Note that the warnings are still the same, and any incomplete step may explode the entire situation.

Contrary to some negative expectations of some, people were surprised by the procedures, and they praised the accuracy of the implementation, so that the former Prime Minister Saad Hariri rode a wave of applause, without calling the Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who toured the morning at Rafic Hariri Airport, in the framework of his keenness to make the process go smoothly. Without an “incomplete pedal”, stressing that the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, is following the process closely.

Thus, around the back of the first plane coming from Riyadh with 81 Lebanese on board, it was revealed, according to the Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, that all of its passengers who conducted the PCR examination on the Beirut International Airport campus were fine, and were not afflicted with the Coruna epidemic. At a time when nothing has been released so far about the passengers of the plane that arrived from Abu Dhabi with 63 Lebanese on board, while noting that the result of the rapid checks carried out on the airport campus will be issued within six hours, a time limit for returnees to spend in a very well-equipped hotel.

Lebanon welcomed the first batch of its returning children, if the operation is to be completed shortly with a plane returning from Lagos and another from Abidjan, knowing that other planes will depart from other countries successively during the week. In Barqa related to the prices of return tickets, evening announced that a 50% discount will be made on tickets for students who are in bad condition, which will facilitate the process of returning those quickly, and it is learned that businessmen have expressed their desire to cooperate with the relevant authorities, and pay the remaining cost, ensuring a safe return And safety to the nation.

This country, which, despite all the difficulties it is going through, has proven the success of its measures in containing a virus that has brought down health systems around the world. This country, which has overcome physical obstacles and political challenges, has had to embrace its children again, hoping that the next stage will be a stage of good.


* Introduction to MTV’s TV Newsletter

There is no rationale for the children of Lebanon this year, because the shoulders of the fathers cannot carry their weight above the accumulated burdens that have bowed their backs since before the invasion of the Corona, and because there is no place other than the heavy concerns on the shoulders of mothers, and the effort was great to find room for hope on the religious occasion, to humid the hearts and reassure Minds filled with anxiety and prisons.

However, in a sweet metaphor due from the Ritualistic Ritualistic Ritualism, and despite some faults, the MEA played the role of a patient porter to the fullest, and transferred to the arms of the homeland some of his sons dispersed in expatriates. Their capabilities: health, security and tourism crews, and put them at the disposal of returning Lebanese, providing a safe transfer for them and the community environment that will receive them, and to the highest standards.

The project of returning those who wish to expatriate will complete quietly but surely, in the hope that it will exceed the obstacle represented by the percentage of injuries among the returnees, which please do not exceed the capacity of absorption and treatment in our health system, which is operating at full capacity. The positive point is that the results of the Riyadh plane’s passenger checks were all negative, and the aftermath of the remaining aircraft passengers.

This is in the health of the state and the people. As for the other reality that is related to financial and supply matters, the government’s decision to free the money of small depositors who own five million pounds in banks and below, the move and as far as this category has theoretically relaxed until now, it has angered its neighbors who have a few Lire or a few million more as savings, these do not belong to the rich class of course, and we do not know if he has ten times these sums, he can belong to the ranks of the well-off and the dollar has broken the barrier of three thousand pounds.

Concerns do not stop there, as the government must find a recovery plan, in the midst of a dire financial-economic reality that turns and changes until it becomes more like the Corona virus, while the national body and immunity weaken day after day.

In this atmosphere, President Aoun is seeking, with the ambassadors of the countries of the Support Group for Lebanon, who summoned them to Baabda on Monday, to send some heat in its cold outlook to Lebanon, in order to motivate it to help us in kind and financially to face the economic, financial and health consequences of the Corona.

In parallel, the Minister of the Interior seeks to reduce the Lebanese “squash” on the streets where the infection lies, so he invented the system of single and double numbers for transportation. What tricks will they invent in return to thwart its efforts to prevent them from embracing the Corona?


* Introduction to LBCI TV News.

What can be said today is that we are in a country that has researched, discussed, studied, planned, and implemented the first medical evacuation of the Lebanese returning from four expatriate countries to Lebanon.

The plan adopted the principle of a safe way to return to expatriates and residents, as it is important not only to return the Lebanese from abroad, but also to preserve the health security of the internal Lebanese.

It is true that the plan is slow, because the number of returnees today is 394 out of more than twenty thousand wanting to return, but it is also true that the commitment of those who arrived in Lebanon with the accuracy of the governmental measures taken, from the airport to the obligatory quarantine, with a personal decision first, and under the supervision of the security services and municipalities secondly, It will protect those who did not leave Lebanon originally from transmitting the infection to it, and will pave the way for those who were stuck outside the country to return, as of next Tuesday, especially if it is proven that the number of injuries among those who returned today is not high.

On this basis, it can be said that the government’s plan was placed on the railroad, despite some “Lebanese customs” that violated the concept of social separation, from President Hassan Diab’s appearance with the ministers to the media, to stand inside the plane the moment it arrived at the airport, to the separation of passengers Right and left in the reception halls, which, with the arrival of the Abu Dhabi plane, returned and organized the multiple security services repeating the same questions to the returnees.

All of the above indicates that the government has crossed the bumper of the expatriate return, and is working with the Lebanese to cross the general mobilization, which will witness more militancy from tomorrow, because the mistake is forbidden, especially since we were able until at least one hour to reduce the rates of infection with the Corona virus, and raise readiness The medical body to deal with the disease.

As the government crossed the government after another, the economic situation and financial appointments remain before it, with all their narrow Lebanese and regional-international political complications, and if the situation and unity of the situation are secured against all political pressures, the idea of ​​the real state and the return of its regime will return to the Lebanese and restore their confidence in their state.


* Introduction to “Al-Jadeed” TV newscast

The government visited its prime minister and ministerial crews to Beirut airport, to supervise the arrival of the first batch of Lebanese expatriates, to complete the flights this evening, and in later batches later on the return regulations. For these people, reversing the danger is a virtue, especially since some countries lack the essentials for treatment and hospitalization and seek help for a “muzzle”.

In the United States, which will not be included in the decision to conduct flights temporarily, the Lebanese citizens in it are talking about a country from the third world, about America, which has become breathing and fumbling with rubbish bags, about the son-in-law of the great country that expels the American population from its properties.

And by analogy with all the pain of alienation, Lebanon, which is financially mortgaged, is managing its health and its citizens, residents and returnees, and the pillars of its government have today provided a good medical certificate. According to the Ministry of Health, the laboratory tests that were subjected to the passengers of the plane coming from Riyadh were negative. As for the results of Abu Dhabi plane, it will appear this evening.

And while Middle East Chairman Mohamed Al-Hout will hold a press conference tomorrow, Middle East Airlines announced a 50 percent discount for Lebanese students who are unable to pay for travel tickets.

But all of this despicable government behavior, which the Diab government emptied in a sewer, granted concession residence to the aggressor of state property Wissam Ashour, and gave him a patent for the “Eden Bay”, and three of its ministers stopped paying a big thanks to the stage man who agreed to host the returnees in his hotels at prices Acceptable. And the dispute over the room rate here is not the problem, but the government’s recognition of a man who insulted the state and its decisions and the Shura Council in it, and violated its judicial decisions, and continued to rise in the “Eden Bay”, and deprived its shore of summer and guided them by its winter culverts.

And in a moment of ineffectual confession, the ministers stood: Ramzi Al-Ashrafiya, Hamad Hassan and Manal Abdul-Samad, reciting the act of thanks to Ashour, who in the time of the Corona became “a good actor”. Instead of the state confiscating real estate obtained from it for its property, it has to recognize it as a “mistake” for the expatriates and an initiative to save them.

The returnees quarantined themselves in hotels, the owner of which had to be quarantined, so how will Hassan Diab complete the reform process tomorrow, and with what sewage channel will his privileged initiative away from the accounts of political giving and giving be thrown?

Among the advice of yesterday is what was stated in the conference of the President of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, that: It is more honorable for the government to accomplish and fall than not to do it and fall, if it is doomed to fall, so fall with honor. But if Diab established his feet on the ground as he did in the last session of the Council of Ministers, no one would dare to drop him, and at the same time, he would not be able to waste his achievements in the hotels of bad men.

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