Instagram allows watching live broadcasts on the web


A number of users have noted that the Instagram website is also supporting live broadcasts, so that you can follow broadcasts made by one or two people together, just like a smartphone app.

Instagram has not officially announced this support yet, so it may be on the test before its launch, but it has already appeared to a large number of users.

As in the application, following the live broadcast in Instagram on the web allows for knowing the number of viewers and reading and writing comments as well. But it is noticeable that the two people and comments are displayed under a small section of the screen and not on the whole of them, and the comments remain all visible and not as in the application the latest and only above the video directly.

You cannot start the live broadcast from the website, only follow up, and this is still a good, if incomplete, step.

Instagram days ago, it announced that the private messaging feature on the web was available to everyone after it was being tested by a group of users. And now in this way, Instagram provides more computer users with a reason to browse Instagram and spend more time with it without the need for a smartphone.


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