Instagram allows fundraising via live broadcast


The Arab Window

A new form of fundraising for NGOs, charities and community organizations, as Instagram has begun to provide fundraising during live broadcasts. This feature is mainly useful for celebrities who have a large fan base so that they appear in a live broadcast and viewers during the broadcast can donate sums of money.

The creator of the broadcast can determine the entity that will receive the donations, they can also know the total number of donors and the amount of the total donations during their occurrence within the broadcast, as well as the amount of donation for each donor to mention in the broadcast as a kind of encouragement or distinction.

Instagram will not deduct any commission or share of the amount of money collected in this way.

Instagram had previously made it possible for a new fundraising poster to be watched through stories. But now it added this possibility to live streaming being more appropriate and catching on to followers more than stories.

The number of Instagram live users in the United States has grown by about 70% recently, and this has made Instagram focus more on it and make it simpler by moving it to the IGTV division.

Source: Technology World


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