Individual games in Sharjah work remotely


The Sharjah Club’s Individual Games Department held its regular meeting remotely, via (video conference), headed by Eng. Suleiman Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri, members of the department Abdul Rahman Al-Malehi, Hamid Shams, Nasser bin Ashour, Ayoub Lashkari and Ali Hassan Al Balushi, Director of the Department.
The meeting started by reviewing the distinguished results achieved by the individual games teams in the mid-season after the recent suspension of sports activity due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which was collected by 19 local championships and crowned nearly 600 colored medals, including 111 international medals, compared to what the individual games achieved last season When she won 608 medals and won 15 championships, in a new achievement added to the achievements of the King’s Games.
The meeting discussed the preventive measures that were taken in the administration and thanked all employees for their understanding and rapid response with the administration, which included sterilizing all facilities, from the administration halls, building, buses and workers housing, and the meeting also reviewed the organizational structure of the Department of individual games, which was discussed and reviewed.
The meeting discussed the guide, which was launched by the Human Resources Department of the Government of Sharjah for the remote work mechanism for employees, also reviewed the work plan of game supervisors and technical devices, monitoring them and meeting their needs to continue their home training on a regular basis in accordance with the programs and training plans prepared to maintain their fitness, praising what the devices provided Administrative and supervisors in the past period, which had a positive impact and great return on the results achieved.


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