India .. circumventing the curfew by “death” – Site News – Follow-up


A man circumvented the curfew in India by dying, pretending to be dead and traveling more than 160 km in an ambulance with four other people.

Indian police said the man was being treated for a minor head injury in a hospital in Jammu when the ambulance driver suggested that this 70-year-old man pretend to die to bypass checkpoints.

There were also three other men who wanted to return to the same city the man lived in.

Police added that they managed to pass several checkpoints using a false death certificate from the hospital.

But the ambulance was stopped at the last checkpoint before it could reach its destination in Poonch, a remote area in Indian-administered Kashmir, near the border with Pakistan.

A policeman discovered that “the man who was covered in the ambulance was not dead.”

The men were arrested and detained separately, after they were charged with “cheating and defying government orders.”




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