In the video … Followers embarrassing Maysa Maghrebi on Instagram … and the artist: she grew old and not too old


Relationships and society

Maisaa Magriby

Many art stars try to communicate with their followers by appearing on live broadcast videos, through their pages on social media, as a kind of breaking the routine and boredom, due to adherence to domestic isolation to prevent the emerging corona virus, which is what the artist Maysa Maghribi resorted to.

Maysa received many direct questions from her followers, where a follower surprised her with a question that included “Do you have children with me?”, To reply the artist: “God has not given me for a while, invite me who loves me to call me a good offspring,” which her followers considered as embarrassing.

A follow-up of the artist, “By God, I grew up, O Maysa,” replied, saying, “Certainly, of course, I went older than I wanted from 18 hours until today, and you who spoke to me did not grow up?”


And the actress continued: “By disturbing, I mean? Ordinary, God is great. I grabbed the feast, I grew up while I was happy with my life and my life and simplified my accomplishments, and I did not deprive myself of any of my dreams …

Mayssa Maghribi is currently presenting the “Dubai Cruise” program on Dubai TV.


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