In the video .. Amr Diab sings the series “Our Game of Oblivion” by our Sherbini


Artist Publishing Amr diab On his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, a part of his music video for future work was commented on by a writer: “Soon”.

Amr Diab did not clarify or give any indication about the details of the work, is it a new song or something else.

But the directors of the series “The Game of Oblivion” issued a special statement, which made it clear that the clip that Amr Diab actually published was from the series.

The events of the series revolve in a social context surrounded by excitement and suspense, where Dina embodies the role of a wife who resorted to betraying her husband, and falls in love with another person and this is what makes her in trouble and is exposed to a crisis after the discovery of her husband, which leads to her losing her memory and then the events continue.

It is mentioned that the series “The Game of Oblivion” is adapted from the format of an Italian series, screened and dialogue by Tamer Habib, directed by Hani Khalifa, and co-starring with Ahmed Dawood, Anji Lieutenant Colonel, Mahmoud Qabil, Rosaline El Bey, Ali Qassem, Rajaa Al Jeddawi, Ali Qassem and belongs to the type of social drama .

And put the official account We have Sherbiny On Instagram recently the official teaser of the series, to be shown exclusively on MBC Egypt, featured Dina in the role of Ruqaya, who is being held in a hospital in a wheelchair and missing a memory.

It is worth noting that the last series of a series sung by artist Amr Diab was the series “The Springs of the River” in 1986, starring Madiha Kamel, Shukri Sarhan, Salah Al-Saadani and Hala Sidqi, written by Tharwat Abaza and directed by Adel Sadiq.

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