In the video … a Syrian actor with a Lebanese artist raises the controversy


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Yesterday, Tuesday, a Lebanese artist posted a video clip on his personal page on “Instagram”, during which a Syrian actor appeared in his car while they were touring one of the regions during the application of the quarantine in the country.

The appearance of the Syrian actor Qusai Khawli sparked the controversy by appearing with the Lebanese artist Wadih Al-Sheikh as they chatted in the car of the sheikh, who commented: “Beloved and dear, thank you, my brother, may God perpetuate love.”

Followers criticized the appearance of Khouli and the sheikh together in the car, especially as it turned out that Khouli was hosted by Wadih Al-Sheikh at his house despite the quarantine and closure measures imposed in the country as a result of the Corona virus, which caused a lot of confusion and controversy, about the breach of the two stars of these measures.


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