In the time of Corona … How do you protect yourself from donating to “fraud and fraud” organizations?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – With the spread of the Corona virus around the world, many people and organizations are raising funds to help those affected around the world with the virus.

The World Health Organization says that many criminals and hackers on the Internet are taking advantage of the current situation in their favor, in an attempt to take advantage of the Corona virus crisis, “Coved 19”, and they deny that they are the World Health Organization, to try to steal sensitive information or money from charity lovers.

The World Health Organization has published a guide that informs users on how to reduce or prevent “phishing” on the Internet, stressing the importance of validating any claim of the World Health Organization.

The health organization says in its guide that we may receive “fraudulent” e-mail messages that it claims are from an official authority, and often requests to provide sensitive or personal information, such as usernames or passwords, or you may ask users to click on a malicious link, or Includes malicious attached documents.

However, the World Health Organization confirms that it never requests its users from such information, noting the importance of verifying the sources and the authorities with whom we communicate.

Here are some tips from the World Health Organization to prevent online frauds:

1. Check the sender’s email

Ensure that the return address ends with “@”. If there are any additions other than “” after the “@” symbol, then this sender is not from WHO.

The World Health Organization does not send an email from addresses ending in “@”, “@” or “@”.

2. Check the link before clicking on it

Make sure the link starts with “”.

3. Beware of providing personal information

There is no reason why someone should ask for your username and password.

4. Do not rush or feel pressure

Online pirates use emergencies like “Covid 19” to get people to make decisions quickly. Take time to consider any request for your personal information.

5. If any party shares your personal information, do not worry

Immediately change your private data on every website you use, if you share it with any party.

6. If you see or have experienced a fraud, report it directly


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