In the time of “Corona” … electronic games occupy the world of sports


Video games have never known a demand for the image we are witnessing today, so the calamity of “Corona” has become a resuscitation for this sector, especially with a large segment of sports lovers going to fill the vacuum left by the freezing of sporting events by engaging in online competitions and games that made communication with their surroundings Their mathematical world is available, and they keep a thread that connects them to their first and last love.More importantly, the boom in video games is now generating profits for companies that until yesterday were looking for new ways to market themselves and keep pace with the rapid technological development, which requires them to work continuously to provide the best product in light of the intense competition between different parties.
Of course, major events such as the FIFA World Cup or others are no longer the primary occasion to raise the level of sales and demand for video games, as “home stone” has become an event in itself for them, as a result of the involvement of a number of sports stars in electronic competitions. This created an automatic marketing of the most popular and popular games.

Less effort and more fun
It is true that competing in sports through video games costs less effort for athletes, but it undoubtedly seems more enjoyable compared to sitting all day in their homes while they follow the painful news about “Corona” to increase the frustration that they are already experiencing due to their distance from the stadiums.
Those stadiums from which the fans have also shied away, and who are now waiting for the stars to look directly through social media to know the new thing about them. So, many of the electronic competitions attracted a huge number of followers who were enthusiastic about it in no less than their follow-up from the stands or via television.

The number of followers of a race over the Internet reached 900,000

This applies to the Milan “derby” between the poles Milan and Inter, where he led the Portuguese “Rossoneri” Rafael Liao, and the “Nerazzurri” Sebastiano Esposito. A meeting aimed to compensate for the suspension of the “Siri A” matches, including the famous meeting between the two rivals. Of course, the main goal was to help people forget about the misfortune that occurred in the Italian north, and to remind them that the will to survive makes man able to create a space for himself in order to overcome any crisis and return to normal life.
The same thing happened in Spain, after the freezing of the League and the relocation of the two rivals Real Betis and Seville, the first striker Borja Iglesias and the second defender Sergio Regelon took the initiative. They set up a special “derby” via the FIFA game, and 60,000 people watched it through World wide web”.
A large number equivalent to the capacity of a stadium, through which the two sides compensated for what they missed in the league, which is the issue that reached England, which breathes football, so the Watford and Leicester clubs shared their postponed match points after their electronic match, which has become accredited in several European countries, where some went Clubs even nominate a player to represent him in flaming competitions today.

Competitions already entered the biggest stars, so Real Madrid star Marco Asensio made up for his long absence due to injury by celebrating his victory in the title of one of the tournaments that brought together a large number of Spanish league players who missed to celebrate the goals.
Also, one of the second-class clubs in England, Leighton Orient, resorted to organizing a “online” championship that includes 128 teams, most of whom transmitted the matches through its own pages on social media, which secured an acceptable income that was collected and presented to charities or clubs that suffer financially in the lower levels Because competitions have stopped.

Companies celebrate victory
And if the world looks sad after Corona’s misfortunes accumulate, then the game developers can celebrate after their stock market shares rise. They are already very wealthy companies, as a company like “E-Sports” is worth a billion dollars, a value that will rise according to financial accounts with the launch of organized competitions via the “Internet” for popular tournaments, such as the English Premier League football, the North American Basketball League For professionals, the Formula 1 World Championship.
And this value also rises every time one of the stars of these sports gets involved in competitions, just as it happened in a race that was organized through one of the sites linked to the mentioned company, in order to compensate for the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix opening in the new season.
In the virtual race, the most prominent participants were the driver of the “Red Bull” team of the Dutch Formula 1 Max Verstappen, and the famous “Indianapolis 500” French champion Simon Bagono. The surprise was in the number of people who followed the race directly, where they surpassed the 515 thousand people!
It is definitely not normal, that is, that the number of followers of one of the races reaches more than half a million, which requires the game and competition producers to create more real aspects, especially with the involvement of professional drivers and champions in it, and even outside of motorsport, such as the participation of the Belgian Thibaut Courtois The Spanish Real Madrid goalkeeper, after a cancellation of the Australian race, was also organized by French Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vernier.

Milan derby between Inter and Milan played “online”

As for the biggest market boom, the United States witnessed with the record number of “Corona” injuries, which reinforced the feeling of many that sports competitions might be completely canceled, including “NBA”. So the Phoenix Suns team, for example, resorted to playing the rest of the games in the regular season through video games and transferring it directly to its fans, and some of its players took over the team, which attracted a larger audience to follow the matches.
Of course, Americans are already the most practicing video game in the world, with specialized reports indicating that there are about 150 million players in the country, a number that is definitely likely to rise with the obligation to stay at home to avoid the spread of the epidemic more. Because of this huge and increasing number, it became possible to organize competitions granting financial prizes, which happened in a race that included only 35 drivers, but 900,000 people watched it. As for his hero, he was religious Hamlin, winner of the “Daytona 500” race 3 times. He sat at his barefoot home and was left behind by his daughter, who encouraged him, to win a prize of $ 40,000.

It is the era of electronic games, and they undoubtedly help somewhere to keep people in their homes, by attracting them to serious competitions or even giving them a rare opportunity to compete with this or that star. But it is certain that the feeling of real stadiums and competitions will not be compensated by anything, and nostalgia for them will remain present until the demise of Corona and the return of sporting life to its human nature.

New championship in England

Last Friday, the English Football Association launched an electronic football competition, with the participation of 16 players from the country’s clubs and abroad. The competition was dubbed “Football Is Staying In Your Home”. Manchester United player Marcus Rashford, Liverpool player Trent Alexander Arnold, as well as James Madison, Colum Hudson-Odoy, Tany Abraham, Todd Tonwell, Ryan Sessignon and Jayden Sancho, and professional player Lucy Bronze in Lyon. The fans watch these matches directly through the official account of the FA in Twitter and YouTube.

Sebastien Loeb challenges boredom

The World Rally Championship has not escaped the chaos caused by the new Corona virus in this year’s calendar of sporting events, but nine-time world champion Sebastien Loeb is trying to make up through the “Playstation”. Since he decided to run limited rallies each season since his ninth and final record crowning in 2012, Loeb only this season participated in Hyundai on board in the opening round in Monte Carlo, where he finished sixth, then he missed the rally of Sweden and Mexico before he decided to suspend the season until notice Another is due to the “Covid-19” virus. From his home in Switzerland, Loeb is active on social media in order to inform his fans of the daily atmosphere in the shadow of home self-stone, and his activities range from riding a motorbike in the kitchen to trying to spend time through electronic games, especially “Playstation” where he keeps himself In the rally atmosphere, although the feeling is not the same as sitting behind the wheel of a real rally car, according to the 46-year-old. “I touch the steering wheel through the Playstation,” Loeb said. “It’s not the same (driving a real car) but it helps us spend time … Since rallying is my main activity and I can’t do it, it changes your life a little.”


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