In the picture, current-backed engineers who are putting the finishing touches to a breathing apparatus are the best among the Lebanese inventions recently


A team of engineers supported by the Free Patriotic Movement consisting of doctors Ayman Abdullah, Wessam Abdullah, Abdullah Abdullah and Haitham Al-Rassi put the final touches on the ICU Ventilator, which they invented locally with 100 percent national creativity and with full support from the current, as a prelude to taking all the approvals needed to manufacture it, which is According to those involved in the Ministry of Industry, one of the most successful industrial experiments that took place in Lebanon under the Corona crisis. And the manufacturing of this device continues along with the engineers, doctors and biomedical scientists from the current, which makes the device meets all the necessary engineering, medical and scientific specifications.

The engineers, along with the deputy coordinator of the profession sector in the current, Danny Ghafri, visited the Minister of Industry, Imad Hoballah, in the presence of a specialist in respiratory science at the American University of Beirut, Dr. Muhammad al-Khatib, and a minister’s advisor, Dr. Muhammad Safa.

God’s love praised the efforts exerted, congratulating the initiators for their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the common good and community service, stressing that these models, after adopting the required improvement and development notes, must be fruitful and become products that can be used in hospitals and provide alternatives for any deficiencies that may arise in this regard, and that In light of the continuous operational follow-up and accompaniment by the Ministry of Industry in cooperation with specialized doctors who provide the necessary advice and expertise.

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