In response to Casillas’ suggestion: the head of La Liga: impractical … and we will lose


Spanish Football Association president Javier Tepas responded to former Spanish international goalkeeper Iker Casillas proposal to end the soccer season in December and start the next season “in a new Gregorian year,” saying it was impractical and inappropriate.

Tibbas justified his objection that implementing the Casillas proposal meant losing “billions of euros”.

Tibas said, in statements reported by the “Europe Press” news agency that the association had already discussed “new timings” to complete the season that is currently suspended due to the emerging crisis of the “Corona” virus (Covid 19).

And Teppas confirmed on Twitter for social networking via the internet: “New dates have already been indicated that allow us to complete the season. Delaying the end of the season and linking it to the Gregorian calendar means losing a season. What will happen to TV broadcast contracts and players who signed for several seasons and these contracts worth thousands of millions? From the euro? ”

Casillas, the Real Madrid goalkeeper and the former Spanish national, and candidate for the presidency of the Spanish Federation for the game, suggested earlier today today to postpone the completion of the Spanish League competition and to resume competitions within three or four months from now until the season ends in December.

He pointed to the possibility of linking the start of the next season with the Gregorian calendar in order to prepare for the next World Cup, which Qatar will host in November 2022.

The Spanish League announced on March 12 that the competition and the second division were suspended until the end of the same month, but on March 23, it decided to stop the competition for an indefinite period due to the exacerbation of the “Corona” crisis.


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