If I missed you football … I watch the series “The English Game” for these reasons


Football fans live in this period of boredom due to the cessation of sports activity, a while ago because of the Corona virus, which invaded many countries around the world, and caused the suspension of many different activities, including the production of films and international series, but Netflix was launched on March 30, a series The English Game is made up of 6 episodes, lasting less than an hour.

Here are 3 reasons why all football fans encourage them to watch a series The English Game, Which is displayed on a network Netflix:

a series The English Game Stay out of complexity and simply be juvenile.

a series The English Game It revolves around the class struggle at the beginning of playing football that arose between classes.

a series The English Game Comes in the framework of comedy, romance and drama.

New job evaluations ranged from 8.1 to 8.6, on the website imdb, a series The English Game Starring Edward Holcroft, Kevin Guthrie, Amal Charlotte, Naama Walsh, Craig Parkinson, James Harkness, Anna Pat, Gerard Kearns, Henry Lloyd Hughes, Kerry Hayes.

The new series revolves around the story of soccer invention, and how it quickly escalated into the game of the world by crossing class divisions.

Netflix also announced the postponement of the production of the third season of the series Sex EducationThis is due to interruption of filming work around the world to help prevent the spread of the Corona virus, as it was scheduled to start shooting next Thursday, but it was postponed for another period of weeks, and workers in the series hope that they can shoot on time, according to the report published on the website ” deadline “.

Although delaying the start of filming is not a big surprise, it confirms the chaos attached to production schedules around the world. Netflix A number of British works affected by a pandemic COVID-19 Most notable The Witcher, Which was filmed on 16 March.

It was the choice of Saudi director Haifa Al-Mansour to direct the new Netflix movie The Selection, Which is inspired by the famous Kira Kass book series, according to the report, which was published on the website Variety, The book was published in 2012, and the new movie will revolve around a miserable future where 35 girls are chosen to move to a royal palace and compete for the prince’s heart, America Singer She is from the lower class in society and was chosen as one of Prince Maxone’s suitors, but she is torn between life and the love she left behind, over time, with strong feelings for the Prince.


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