Ibrahim Salah: I joined Zamalek after meeting Bani Ubaid .. and Al Hilal “negotiated with me”


Ibrahim Salah, the former player of Zamalek and the current Arab contractors, revealed the scenes of his transfer to the White Castle, 12 years ago, confirming that Al-Abyid asked to join him and Mohamed Morsi, especially after he scored 3 goals in the net of the Union, saying: “A week later they took me from the stadium before our match against the vineyards from In order to sign for Zamalek and complete the procedures. “

Salah added, during his statements to the “Zamalekawi” program, which was broadcast on the Zamalek channel: “Ibrahim Mujahid, the former president of Mansoura, was treating me like his son, and in this period we beat the Alexandrian Federation 4/0 in Mansoura and Zamalek lost from Beni Abid in the famous match, and what happened in this The match is difficult, and then we faced Bani Ubaid and we beat them and eliminated them from the championship. “

Player pointed out Zamalek The former, that he joined Zamalek at the time of the Swiss Michel de Castell in the training of the white team, and did not participate much in his first seasons with Al-Abyad, saying: “I did not participate, especially with Chikabala, who was facing problems with the technical staff in that period until the departure of De Castel and Frenchman Henri Michel came after him, and I did not play regularly with the latter. “

He continued: “After Hossam Hassan came to train Zamalek, it was a turning point in my career, and I became involved with him mainly until 2015, and the same was true for Shikabala, who was participating mainly, and he played next to Hassan Mustafa and Aour Adham, and I was fighting to maintain my basic participation.”

Salah continued his statements by saying: “Until I travel to Saudi Arabia in 2014, I was a primary participant, as I left after the end of my contract and played a season there and then returned to Egypt despite the Saudi club’s desire to keep me, and in but I preferred to return to Zamalek, who requested my return, although I received offers with more expensive sums. From Saudi Arabia, but I preferred to return to Zamalek. “

Ibrahim Salah concluded his speech by saying: “The Saudi Crescent wanted to include me as well, but it will loan me to complete the list of foreigners in its ranks, but I rejected the principle and chose to return to Egypt, and after returning to Zamalek we achieved a good season during which we achieved the league and the cup and then things changed and became a major change in the technical staff , To leave the year 2017 for Arab entrepreneurs. “


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