I am not thinking about marriage at the present time and annoys me


Yesterday, on April 2, the Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Najim appeared on Al-Jadid channel, in a episode recorded before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Lebanon, in which Nadine spoke about acting, motherhood and divorce, as well as her creation of culinary arts.

This is my advice to my daughter
Nadine saw during her conversation with colleague Ali Yassin within the “Art of News” program that “every woman is a woman herself and her path is her decision, and she must believe in herself and have love in being independent so that no one can bend her arm.”
And she continued: “This is my advice to my daughter and every girl to be responsible for herself, and to be ambitious and independent and choose the path that suits her.”

– AlJadeed art (@aljadeedfan)

Nadine revealed, “Her great attachment to her mother, and how important the presence of the mother is in this life, and when I became a mother I became touched with what my mother felt for us.”
Nadine stressed that “her children were always safe, whether with her mother or the mother of her ex-husband Hadi in the event that she was absent from the house,” considering that “our parents did not become black because they got divorced, and in the event that the children were not with them, they are safe with their father and they agree on this matter, Life continues and nothing is different. “

A new “Business” brought to him

Regarding the similarity between her and her children, she said, “Giovanni resembles me, and it is a copy of me, and Haven resembles me as well, but she is blonde, and I feel that the world of beauty appeals to her, and I will not stand in front of her in case I decided to start it.”
Out of beauty and acting, Nadine revealed that she is “preparing for a new” business “related to the women’s world without revealing any details about him,” noting that she “will give him all of her attention while he looks like her.”
On the Lebanese-Syrian drama war that took place and the attack she was subjected to last year, she said, “When I must give my opinion to anyone, it is my duty to be better than him, to have more successful roles, and I have played the most recent revolution in the world of drama, and makes all actresses recalculate, except I have not performed extraordinary and extraordinary performance. “

– AlJadeed art (@aljadeedfan)

“The successful people, as we see in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, also note that they give their opinion only positively because there is confidence in themselves and I no longer mourn everything that happens with me, and God made me love the people and gave me the most beautiful weapon with which I will fight all who stand in my way.”
“When I confess to someone else, someone will confess to me, and if they do not recognize me, people will confess, and there is karma in this life that will do justice to you in the end.” Likewise, “life took and turned back, and it is not possible to darken a person because he is successful.”

A difference between insolence and freedom of expression

Nadine considered during her speech that “there is a difference between freedom of opinion and expression and insolence, and she receives insolence with openness and a habit that has become accustomed to.”
“When I expressed my famous opinion that I am with the Lebanese actors heartily out of my concern and love for my countrymen, I did not detract from any person other than Lebanese, but all my intent was that I had in my love of my country and my people, but I paid a heavy price for it, and I learned that I do not stand with anyone, and I will remain Nadine as I am, and all questions of comparisons will not go into it, and the successful one, whether Lebanese, Syrian or Egyptian, will arrive, and the diligent will get his share. “

– AlJadeed art (@aljadeedfan)

On ignoring the criticisms leveled against her, Nadine said, “I receive criticism normally and I used to respond before, but today I resort to publishing a saying or wisdom that can express my position in a smart way.”
“Sometimes you need to respond and clarify your opinion, and what happened recently from the shame of the truth about the actress Karis Bashar I did not say, here I can not tolerate, because I do not know Karis personally and is a professional actress, I rejected this injustice to my right.”
On her visit to a psychiatrist, she said, “No, it is a simple matter to take. A person can go to the doctor to talk to him in the event that he no longer finds someone to trust them around him.”
“What happens around me turns him into a force and whatever room is on my way to conquer, and what disturbs me is injustice and things that are not in its place.”

I am not arrogant

– AlJadeed art (@aljadeedfan)

Nadine rejected the idea of ​​being an arrogant person and this character never controlled her, and she knows that she is successful and there is no need to say I am “Nadine Naseeb Njeim”, but leave her to people.
Did Nadine reach the artist Nawal Al Zoghbi’s decision to be strong and wipe out the one who causes her harm as she said in her “strong” songs, or does she embody the situation that Elissa translated in the song “Reverse Yali Shayfinha” she said, “I love the two songs, but of course, if you want positive, we have to We do not stop at anyone who disturbs us or causes us any problem, and everyone should act in this way and does not allow anyone to put him in the position of the weak. “
“I, like anyone who suffers from problems, gets annoyed, and suffers from injustice, but I always strive to export positivity, and I live in hope and without it I feel as if I am without water.”
“I don’t like being negative and my siblings always tell me that I am a strong person, and even the girls from my Vanzate derive strength from me, and I easily get out of the problem facing me.”

A star or an actress .. that’s what you prefer
And any description that Nadine prefers to be said about an actress or a star, she recalled by a statement told by actor Ghassan Masoud during her participation in him in the series “Doors of the Cloud”, as he said to her, “Think about being a star actress, not a star represented, and the difference between them is great, so the star actress is now A successful and star in the acting, while the second attribute is a star and entered the acting. “

The idea of ​​my retirement is still possible

Is the idea of ​​her retirement from the acting profession still contained at the age of forty saying “Yes, maybe before no one knows, and I may not be present in the next Ramadan, and I want to take a long break.”
“I want to focus on business and I have two roles in my head, and I do not exclude that it is a movie, no one knows what is going on with it.”

Would she apply the phrase, “I am not good at the culture of abuse, but on the other hand, I have mastered the principle of neglect and strongly”, she said, “I ignore things that are not worth responding and respond in a respectful way.”

Marriage is not a failure

– AlJadeed art (@aljadeedfan)

Nadine refused to adopt the idea that “marriage is a failed institution, and I did not complicate marriage, on the contrary, it is beautiful because you start a family, but the most important thing is the existence of true love.”
Regarding the control of her works on Arabic screens, she said, “I feel happy when I see my series translated into second languages, hoping that one day we will reach the world with the support of all the people who love me and with the support of the Lebanese and Arab press.”
“I entered Hollywood in the east of Egypt without speaking its dialect and the love of the Egyptian people means a lot to me, and the press there spoke of the success of” five and a half. “

Sama in 2020.

And about the role of Captain Sama, who will play in her Ramadan series 2020, she said, “I am every role I give him the right, and any increase I consider is not in her place.” Noting that “the character of Sama is complex and I play two roles, not one role, and never looks like my character and you will see me as a military uniform.”
Nadine revealed for the first time about her love to be in a job related to the state’s corporation, but her late father advised her to choose another path, and she intended to study medicine, but life took her and dragged her into acting and did not encroach on the field, but she believed in herself and her ability to succeed and the field embraced me And I took things seriously. “
Did Nadine jealous of the patriotism of the Syrian actors, who said, “Not only from them, but also from the Egyptians, Gulf and Egyptians.”
“I do not compare myself with an academic actress, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie or others, nor with Mervat Amin, nor with a precursor to Mimar, because each of them is a case, and I am the audience, as I am in my form and acting, and I have my own identity that I have been able to form since I entered this world.” .
And for everyone who accuses her of repeating her roles, Nadine explained that this talk is said only for the purpose of entertainment, and everyone who is familiar with the drama knows well what Nadine offers in each year of the difference in her characters and roles. “

This is how I deal with criticism

And about the wave of criticism directed against her before Ramadan, she said, “When I hear them, I feel that I am a monopolist of the market and not my fault that we succeed and give from my heart to every role. The square accommodates everyone, and the producer Sadik Al-Sabah does not have him alone in the company and anyone who can work and take the roles he wants, I only I reap my actions of effort, energy and passion for their profession. “
She described the bilateral with Syrian actor Qusai Khouli as wonderful, noting that “this year the audience will see them in a different way, as happened in its previous binaries.”
And is she one of the people who think more than she who feels she answered “somewhere what is required of the woman to sacrifice and somewhere you must know that if the mother is comfortable she will give energy to her children and raise them better, and my ambition is from their ambition.”

– AlJadeed art (@aljadeedfan)

Is the idea of ​​marriage coming again? “Currently, I do not think of marriage and I do not know what God will write for me and I always say,” Let your will and my path go and what happens later will be my share. “
On the criticism of some of her videos on “Tik Tok” she said, “Who criticized me came back and opened an account for him after me, and I did not understand why all this attack, this application gives positive and be at your convenience, confirming that it revealed in cooperation with a company located in London that there is a lobby composed of more Of the 500 accounts that were aimed at spreading abuse, the deletion and block method became the easiest response to everything that it encountered. “

Chef Nadine is in the kitchen

In the kitchen, Nadine intends to present a recipe she loves very much from spinach, zucchini and mushrooms, in addition to the “fotuccine”, as she revealed her love for preparing dishes, and she is the one who cooks with her hand for her children and if she is unable to do so, there are specialists who do the job in addition to her mother. .
“My children love cooking, and I am against fast food and we make” pizza “and” burgers “at home,” she added.

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