Hubble is the first space object outside of the solar system


Friday 03 April 2020 | 21:20

The European Space Agency “Hubble” has received rapid changes in the shape of the “Borisov” comet, as it is the first space object to come to us from outside the solar system. The scientists explained on April 2 at the University of California.
A statement published by the scientists said that the photo taken by the Hubble Observatory indicates that the nucleus of the comet is currently composed of two parts separated by a distance of 180 km. Their travel speed is proportional to that of the fragments caused by the split of comets’ intentions within the solar system.

The University of California astronomer David Goet observed a Borisov comet for 6 months using ground-based telescopes and the American Hubble Space Laboratory, which once a week takes photographs of the comet as close to the boundaries of the solar system.
David Goet and his colleagues announced at the end of last March strange changes in the features of the comet, as it transformed from one heavenly spot to two bright spots.

Scientists believe that the fate of Borisov’s comet is no different from the fate of many other comets in the solar system divided by the influence of the force of gravity of the sun or Jupiter.

He pointed out that the comet “Borisov” was discovered on August 30 by Russian astronomer Borisov from the peninsula. Read also
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