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Huawei has launched its latest new devices from the top category, the P series, which rely heavily on appearing with the best camera and our return to the company with new technologies on this series. It is the curvature of the screen on all four sides and this thing …

Huawei launched its latest new high-end P Series, which relies heavily on the best camera and the company is back with new technologies on this series.

In this article, I review you my phone experience to talk about the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of the phone.

the design

One of the most prominent changes in the design of the phone from the front is the curvature of the screen from all four sides, and this is useful for the user in controlling the phone such as pulling the menu from the top or exiting the application by pulling from the bottom and other features of the phone control, and I liked that the curvature of the side screen became less than the Mate 30 phone Pro has become more acceptable, but cropping the corners of the phone is not consistent with the screen and I noticed that if I wanted to change the language By mistake, I get out of the program, and this thing I hope will improve with an upcoming update, and one of the things that I also don’t like is the front camera shape and its large screen area.

As for the back side of the phone, you notice that the back camera frame has become very large and the back cover of the phone, especially the very silver color, is beautiful and the fingerprints are less clear in it.

The frame of the phone has the buttons to raise and lower the volume and the operation button, and from the bottom there is an entrance for two SIMs or a chip, an external memory and a USB-C port. A single speaker, and an IR top for controlling home appliances.


the screen

It measures 6.58 inches and accurately 1200 x 2640 pixels FHD + OLED with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, the screen is very impressive and I have had no problems with it in terms of colors and lighting, but the front camera cropping is very annoying and I did not like it.

the performance

As the specifications of the phone technology comes with a Kirin 990 5G processor that supports artificial intelligence, 8 GB of random memory and 256 GB of internal memory, the phone supports Wi-Fi 6 Plus and supports two 5G chips and supports the eSIM chip, the phone’s performance with games and applications is very great and I did not face problems with it and the response is very fast.

It comes with a 4200mAh battery and supports 40W fast charging, 27W fast wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging. After testing, the battery is sufficient for a day and a half using the medium, which is one of the most prominent features of the phone.



The phone is a mobile studio with four cameras:

The first, the main 50-megapixel sensor with an 11.28-inch Ultra Vision sensor.

The second is a 12-megapixel zoom camera with optical zoom up to 5 times, hybrid zoom 10 times, and digital zoom up to 50 times.

The third is a 40-megapixel wide-angle cinema camera that supports 4K video and very slow shooting.

The fourth is a camera dedicated to measuring depth, portraying portraits and adding bokeh effect at a high level.

Imaging with very low light is excellent thanks to the large size sensor and the support of artificial intelligence with imaging gives excellent results in many scenarios, noting that in some images there is high lighting and glow more than necessary.

Among the new features of the phone camera is the HUAWEI Golden Snap AI, which provides several features such as removing people from the background of the image as well as removing reflections from the glass.

As for the front camera, it is 32 megapixels with a wide lens that supports auto focus and supports shooting video in 4K. These are some of the results of photographing back and front phone cameras:

the system

The phone system is Android 10 and EMUI 10.1 interface has a lot of features such as split screen, as well as supports remote gestures such as taking a picture of the screen as well as remote browsing and its response is excellent, and on the one hand the security side supports the fingerprint on the screen and its response is excellent compared to competitors as well as supports opening the phone with a fingerprint 3D flip

The phone does not support the services of Google, and this has caused a major defect in the phone, but the alternative is sure. Huawei services are the alternative and we see a big development on a daily basis on Huawei services with its support for different games and applications. As for the Huawei application store, the AppGallery store is provided to download applications and games officially and with great support for developers to add their applications to Huawei store and we see a lot of local applications from banks and government services present in the store officially.

The phone is available at a price of 3499 Saudi riyals and will be launched on the Saudi market on April 15 in black and silver snowy.

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