Huawei hopes to introduce Google applications in its own store


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Chinese tech giant Huawei hopes to add Google applications to its services and its own AppGallery store.

The lack of Google applications has been a problem for the Chinese “Huawei”, as its marketing plan lost its targeted sales of $ 10 billion in 2019.

The giant company hopes In introducing Google applications into its AppGallery store, according to company CEO Eric Chow.
“The Huawei Consumer Business Unit (responsible for smartphones, laptops and other gadgets) lost $ 10 billion from its marketing goal in 2019, largely due to the U.S. blacklist that is preventing the company from accessing American technology such as Google applications and services.
Cho compared the situation with Apple, which offers Google apps in the iOS app store. But it is not entirely comparable, because many of the popular Android applications also rely on Google Play services. Adding Google Maps to the Huawei Store does not necessarily mean that other applications will be able to use Google Maps, as do many of the applications currently popular on Android Google. It is still not clear how Huawei can present Google applications on its application store when it is not allowed to download search giants such as Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube to its phones in advance.
The blacklist had difficulties in 2019 for Huawei, but not all results were bad. The company’s annual report said it shipped 240 million smartphones from Huawei and Honor, and shipping numbers show that it has remained the second largest smartphone brand in the world.

The Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei, warned yesterday, Tuesday, that 2020 will be the most difficult year ever for them, due to US trade restrictions that hit its overseas sales in 2019, expecting that the Chinese government will respond to those restrictions that Imposed by America.

The “Huawei” warning comes in conjunction with its announcement of the lowest annual profitability growth within 3 years, according to Reuters.

She said, “Beijing may respond to the American measures, which included restricting the sale of chips to it, by restricting sales of American products in China and switching to rely on alternative suppliers in China and South Korea.”

“The Chinese government will not just stand by while Huawei is being slaughtered, why the Chinese government does not prohibit the use of fifth-generation chips, terminals, smartphones and other smart devices produced by American companies,” Eric Chu, Chairman of Huawei, told reporters during the launch of the company’s annual report. For reasons related to Internet security? “.


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