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Today, Friday, the Syrian artist Abdul Rahman Abu Al-Qasem was absent from his house in the Syrian capital, Damascus, at the age of 78.

Syrian media reported that Abd al-Rahman al-Qasim had died as a result of a heart attack and had died.

Who is Abdul Rahman Abu Al-Qasim??

He is a Syrian artist, and the Palestinian origin was born in Saffuriyya in 1942. He began his career working on the school theater in 1954, and moved in his artistic career among many Syrian local art teams.

In 1965 the late Abdul Rahman Abu Al-Qasim presented About 15 theatrical performances, where he succeeded in establishing A band named after the Palestinian National Theater.

Artwork of the late Abdul Rahman Abu Al-Qasim

Artist Excellence Abdul Rahman Abu Al-Qasim His outstanding brilliance in Syrian dramas, where he participated in many successful works of art, most notably: “Al-Jawareh”,Palm and beads, “slaves”, “kawasir”, “camel”, “brave”, “silence barrier”, “my grandfather’s house”, “girls’ collar ”,“ perfume of sham ”,“ khatun ”and“ hot winter ”.

For its part, he stressed Head of the Damascus branch of the Artists Syndicate “Tamadir Ghanem“The artist said Abdul Rahman Abu Al-Qasim The Syrian drama is rich in dozens of works The art, which had a clear impact, indicating that the late person was a good person, kind and loyal to his work, his colleagues and his union He never left him even after he retired


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