How did one man save his country from the Coruna epidemic? Feel the danger and start these steps


According to statistics, Greece is one of the least affected countries due to the new epidemic of Corona, as statistics indicate that there are 50 deaths compared to 1459 injuries, despite its proximity and contacts with Italy.

But what is the reason and what has prevented Greece from the fate of many tourist destinations?

The local press unanimously calls him “Savior of the Nation”, a father of seven children who sings every Sunday in Deir el-Medina, and he always speaks in a calming and credible tone .. Now all of Greece is listening to him, and he is the epidemiologist Tsutris Tsodras

After the first casualties in Italy, Tsudras sensed the danger and urgently called for the closure of all facilities in which a human gathering took place and began to close the churches, beginning partially and then completely. He gathered around him influential people in the Greek health field and began a deliberate plan to ward off danger that the most pessimists were not expected to reach this far.

At the initiative of Tsudras, an operating room consisting of 26 scientists was created, 13 medical centers were prepared. At the time, only 11 deaths and 330 cases were recorded in neighboring Italy; the situation was never critical

On February 26, the first case in Greece was recorded in the city of Thessaloniki for a woman coming from northern Italy. The authorities acted with lightning speed: the school where the child was injured was closed to the quarantined son

February 27 – Already three cases (two in Thessaloniki and one in Athens). And decisive action again: schoolchildren abroad trips, group festivals, carnivals, and the Delphic Economic Forum were canceled.

Greece is very similar to Italy in terms of problems … a reeling economic situation, a shortage of medical personnel, a large proportion of the population belongs to the old age group, and a lack of supplies, chief among them medical gags

The operating room immediately gave recommendations, the authorities responded, and began implementing quarantine in stages: On March 8, demonstrations were canceled on the occasion of Women’s Day, and a decision was taken to close schools, universities and kindergartens. Within a few days, gyms, dance halls, stadiums, theaters, and cinemas were closed, and visits to nursing homes were limited. Shows were canceled on Independence Day. Nearby bars, cafes, hairdressers, beaches and ski resorts closed. Then – shopping malls and supermarkets (except for groceries). On March 17, an emergency message arrived on all mobile phones asking them to stay home regarding the spread of coronaviruses. The ban on gathering was announced by groups of more than a dozen people

High societal sense and presence of well-behaved Greece, Italy

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