How did Ito change Messi’s career?


How did Ito change Messi's career?


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Former Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o, the retired Cameroonian star, has talked about his role in changing the career of Argentine Lionel Messi, the Barcelona’s top scorer.

Ito said in statements carried by the sports website “Goal” that Messi has been a good player since his appearance in the ranks of the first team for Barcelona, ​​adding, “He was very good in training and we were already aware that he will one day become what he is now. I am very happy that he achieved “Through his hard work, he has not changed at all. Messi is still the good man I knew at the time and I still know him.”

Eto’o, 39, highlighted his role in what Messi has now reached, saying: “One day he told me, thank you, Samuel … thanks to your advice my career changed.”

Eto’o declined to give his advice, but made it clear that Messi at the time had to fix some things despite his talent.

He continued: “I am proud and happy to see the story written by Messi, which is not over yet. It will be very difficult, but impossible to transcend his legacy.”

Cameroon concluded his speech by praising the human Messi, who said: “The most important thing for me is his personality. Everyone appreciates and loves him .. He is a wonderful man, and I am proud that he is still among my friends.”

Ito and Messi joined the Catalan team between 2004 and 2009, and during that time they managed to lead “Barca”, to crown the Spanish League 3 times and the Champions League twice.

It is reported that Messi is the only player in the history of football, who has won the Golden Ball 6 times.



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