Hospital sources raise the alarm: The spread of the epidemic is an inevitable fact … unless


Hospital sources sounded the alarm by “calling the nation” and warned that if the government does not rush to reset the situation and rhythm, the “big explosion” at the level of the epidemic is inevitably a reality, and then no one will be able to grab its fragments neither in the state nor in the Strip The hospital and medical services, especially in light of the shortage of medical supplies and hospital capacity, pointing out that the country is entering a very delicate stage, on the one hand because the number of declared infections are only those who underwent laboratory testing, and the official list does not include all those who are incubating the virus and its symptoms are still Not shown On them, not those who are currently in the period of home quarantine and were not subject to examination, and on the other hand because tens of thousands of expatriates are going to return to Lebanon starting from the fifth of April, and this of course raises the level of risk of the possibility of the virus entering again through dozens of flights coming from Various continents of the world, unless this process is carried out in a scientific manner and strict health measures before the launch of flights and on board and after their arrival in Lebanese territory.

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