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As usual, the artist Hoda Al-Ghanem remains faithful to her convictions, away from compliments in talking about the reality of drama and the concerns of the art scene, and the fortunes of the Emirati actor on TV, and his relationship with the production authorities.

The Emirati actress revealed that she will appear in the coming month of Ramadan with three series, considering herself lucky with these posts, even if she is a guest of honor, confirming in her dialogue with «Emirates Today» that «there are dramatic stars that have not had the opportunity to appear this year, despite what he suffers from The Emirati actor is unfair in terms of technical options, as well as the issue of wages, which I feel frankly injustice when I compare it to my artistic experience over the past years ».

Optimistic look

Hoda Al-Ghanem does not doubt her artistic choices and thoughtful steps, especially her adherence to her tools and her belonging to the local culture that characterizes her personality today on the scene. She said: «I always adhere to my talent and my ability to present the Emirati character in form and content, which is an option that to this day only reflects the good resonance of the audience. I am lucky today compared to many of the Emirati drama stars who did not win the absolute championships in local series. As for the next one, I wish him all the best for me, because I still have many roles and personalities that I hope to present to the public in the future. ”

She added that the audience will follow her on Emirati TV stations with three works in the blessed Ramadan: “I finished filming my own scenes in the series (Bint Soghan) by Emirati writer Jamal Salem, and director Aref Al-Taweel, with the participation of a group of Emirati drama stars such as Ali Al-Tamimi, Ahmed Al Jasmi and Saeed Salem. , Bilal Abdullah, Mansour Al-Faili and Jumaa Ali ». She continued: «I will have another appearance in the series (Khashea Nashe’), which is expected to be shown during the next Ramadan drama season on the Emirates channel screen, for the Emirati author Abdullah Al-Zaid, and the Syrian director Saif Al-Sheikh Najeeb, with the artists Abdullah Zaid, Juma Ali, Ahmed Al-Ansari, Ibrahim Salem, Adhari and Najma Bahrain Salwa Bakhit, and during this work I will present the character (sister of Al Noukhada), at the time that I also had the opportunity to participate in the new Emirati series of producer Youssef Al Kaabi in his first experience, and the director Mohammed Jumaa, and with the artists Hussein Al Mahdi, Shaima Sabt, Khaled Amin, Ahmed Abdel Razzaq and Omar Al Mulla » .

And about the extent of her satisfaction with her participation as a guest of honor in Ramadan works, Hoda Al-Ghanem said, “I have no choice but to accept what is offered to me, whether in terms of honor roles or a little pay, as it always depends on the capabilities of the productive bodies and the budgets provided by TV stations distributed by the producer according to His relationship with this or that artist, according to the logic of (personal relations), which now has greater control over the Emirati artistic community.

Real talents

About the young Emirati faces who started making their way to the screen and appearing in new business, Hoda Al-Ghanem emphasized that there are real talents that deserve care and attention, despite the narrow horizon and the insistence of a number of producers not to provide them with real opportunities. However, there are many examples of them who are arrogant and arrogant and, consequently, unable to deal with the pitfalls of the artistic community, as they quickly disappear due to their inability to continue. On the other hand, «some producers seek the assistance of some young talents and bestow large sums of money to bring them under the pretext of their participation in successful dramas outside the UAE, in exchange for the complete injustice of the Emirati artist who has become unable only to comply with and the conditions imposed by this or that product for considerations that do not seem to make most sense ». Hoda Al-Ghanim drew attention to her previous contributions to a group of dramas in the Sultanate of Oman nearly three years ago, as well as her participation in a number of successful series in Kuwait «I believe that the audience in the Arab Gulf region still remembers the series (Al-Yakhum), in which a female speaker appeared in a white accent The company of a group of stars, including Ahmed Al Jasmi, Ibrahim Al Sallal, Hoda Al Khatib and Ahmed Al Jasmi, in return for my apologies for dramatic posts that require the Saudi accent for not mastering the various vocabulary, and my constant desire to avoid making a dialect that I am not good enough.

free of charge

Hoda Al-Ghanem confirmed the continuation of her absence from the stage, because there are no performances that are worked on throughout the year, and that some other works are limited to Sharjah theatrical days, which coincided with her busy participation in TV dramas. And on the cinema, the Emirati actress indicated that she is confronting several cinematic works by signing young people and her continuous encouragement for the emerging talents that she sees promising in the field, adding: “I do not hesitate to participate in youth cinematic works, and without charge in many cases, such as my participation in the work of the young director Yasser Al-Neyadi in films: (Dreams of Rice), (Philosophy of Dick), (Watermelon Club), and other cinematic works that won a number of awards and crowns.

“I also take great pride in my participation in the movie (Lemon), which was produced, directed and written by his young creative dialogue, Abd al-Rahman al-Madani, which was shown dozens of times on several cinematic and cultural occasions.”

“There are many drama stars who haven’t had a chance to appear this year.”

“Personal relations have become more dominant in the Emirati artistic community.”




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