Hisham Haddad: “She went to us.”


The fifth season of “Lahoun We Bas” program presented by Hisham Haddad on LBCI was not like the previous seasons. Like all programs in general, the program has been subjected to successive strikes since the beginning of the demonstrations in mid-October last, leading to the current crisis of the Coronavirus. So it freezes again and again in varying degrees. Last week, Haddad bid farewell to the viewers, with the last episode of the fifth season of “Lahoun We Bas”, to enter on vacation during Ramadan, which may continue for the summer. The presenter and the actor are absent from the Lebanese channel, but he appears on the Syrian “Lana” screen through the program “We went to us,” which will be shown tomorrow (five o’clock) (21:00) and will be opened by the Syrian star Ayman Reda. The presenter precedes the fasting month by a few hours, to prolong work that will be his first experience outside the Lebanese screens. Although he presented many “stand-up comics” in Damascus, but it is the first time that he has addressed the Syrian public in front of the camera. The work will be broadcasted weekly, filmed three consecutive episodes, and will be completed soon. He did not know the number of his episodes, and his performance continues until after the month of fasting. “Us” relies on Hisham’s presence after joining her, and she seeks to provide media content that addresses the Syrian public in particular and the Arab in general. During Ramadan, Haddad will appear weekly, focusing on the suffering of the Syrian citizen in the style of black comedy. “It went on us”, it will be different from “Lahwoun wa Bass”, because its content is an artistic and entertaining dialogue with a large space for the guest. The Syrian screen decided to withdraw the “His Card” during the month of fasting, to raise the ceiling of its programs, and it will focus on competition across the screen, as well as through social media, where the episodes will be provided. The station seeks to have the success of “we went to us” similar to the superiority of the “We ate it” program that it presented in the name of Yakhour last year on its screen. The Syrian star surpassed watching millions of episodes, and his bold questions embarrassed the guest. Thus, the station repeats the competition with characters known to the world of comedy and presentation, to attract followers. However, the audience has a specific privacy in determining the success or failure of the sponsors.


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