High number of postponed meetings in the Diamond League


Organizers of the # Diamond-League Athletics League announced the postponement of two additional meetings scheduled for next June, due to the # Corona virus, raising the number of postponed meetings in the most seasonal competition of the “Mother of Games” to 8.

In a statement, the organizers noted that Eugene’s meeting in the United States was postponed on June 7 and Paris on June 13.

They added that the organizers of the Oslo-Bisslett meeting, scheduled for June 11, “announced their plan to host an alternative athletics competition under the Norwegian systems to combat the Corona virus, at the original date of the meeting.”

The organizers had postponed the Doha meetings (April 17), Shanghai (May 16), a third meeting scheduled on May 9 in a second Chinese city whose identity had not yet been determined, Stockholm (May 24), Naples (May 28) and Rabat (May 31) ).

And caused the “Covid-19” virus with more than 185 thousand deaths announced so far around the world, and frozen the vast majority of sports activities in the current period, leading to the postponement of large dates that were scheduled in the summer of 2020, most notably the Tokyo Olympics, the European Cup and the Copa America Football Championship .

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