Hidalgo buried in the clothes of Olympique Marseille!


French soccer legend Michel Hidalgo, who led the “roosters” to the first major title in his history by crowning the Euro 2004 finals, was buried on home soil, dressed in the clothes of Olympique Marseille, according to what his family announced.

“Michel was buried on Tuesday morning (…) in his grand departure wearing a Marseille suit,” he said, at the same time thanking the fans who raised a banner reading “Thank you”. Hidalgo “in front of” Velodrome “.

“Thank you once again for your affection towards Michel. He deserves it because he loved the club of Marseille and the city of Marseille so much that he never left it,” she added in the statement.

Hidalgo was buried in private ceremonies that were absent from the masses due to strict health measures, fearing the spread of the new Corona virus that affects France and the world at large.

Hidalgo, of Hispanic descent, left after suffering years of illness, according to his family, Radio France Info, last Thursday.

Hidalgo spent eight years at the head of technical management for the “roosters”, culminating in the European Cup 1984 with a generation that was the most prominent in the history of the French team, and included names such as Michel Platini, Alain Gerais and Jean Tigana.

Hidalgo was the first sports director to Marseille in the era of former club president Bernard Taby between 1986 and 1991, where he played an influential role in the renaissance of the team and laid the foundations that led him to be the first and last French team to win the European Champions League title in 1993 at the expense of Milan, Italy.


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