Hezbollah reveals its plan to combat the Corona epidemic


With the aim of curbing the spread of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” known as Corona, to ending its threat completely, “Hizbullah” revealed its plan to address the dangerous virus under the title “Community Resistance to a Nation Free of Pandemic.” Sk“.
According to the statement issued by the party today, Tuesday, the plan included points related to “the specialized technical committee for combating epidemics, the file of hospitals and quarantine places, the epidemiological surveillance file, the psychological support file, the counseling and prevention file, the transportation and sterilization file, in addition to the formation of the people’s and organizational management committees and the cooperation and social solidarity committees And the media, cultural and educational committee. “
In its statement, the party specified that the threat is the spread of the epidemic in Lebanon, which exceeds the ability of the health system to deal with it, pointing out that “many health workers working to confront the virus that was announced last December in the Chinese city of Wuhan amounted to about 25,000 health and field personnel in addition to cooperation.” With the municipalities and their crews.
The statement pointed out that the general policies of the plan are based on “supporting government measures and adhering to the controls and directions of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization” by making the best use of the capabilities and capabilities of “Hezbollah” and the expertise of its health personnel in all regions.
Hizbullah’s plan to combat the Corona virus depends on “complete and documented transparency, through cooperation between people and all health agencies working, planning the worst scenarios, developing practical plans to deal with the situation and ensuring requirements in addition to cooperating with municipal and health work in the Amal movement” to avoid Lebanon The threat of a “global pandemic”.

Al-Nahda News-Beirut


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