Hey pictures :: The Ministry of Health conducted hundreds of random tests for Corona virus in the southern suburbs and announced its results …. here are the details


Tests conducted by the Ministry of Public Health teams in the town of Haret Hreik and the southern suburbs in the framework of the work to contain the “Corona” virus in Haret Hreik, the absence of any infection within the PCR tests for detecting the Corona virus, and the tests that were conducted in the suburb all came negative.Samples were taken in Haret Hreik from the Municipal Palace, where it conducted 347 examinations for municipal employees and a number of citizens before moving to conduct 1318 random checks for citizens in three points: the Islamic Resistance Martyrs Square, the National Cooperative position and the Rimal supermarket position, where citizens underwent examination after they had They gave some information.

These positive results are the result of citizens ’commitment and the measures taken by the Haret Hreik municipality in all its departments: the police, the health detachment, the works and the primary health care center, as well as the steps taken by the official authorities.


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