Hey pictures :: Father Alex Basile, one of the first patients with ‘Corona’ in Lebanon, has died


Father Alexander Basile, a Jesuit, died this morning, April 1, 2020, in the Monastery of the Jesuit Fathers, Beirut, at the age of 75.The burial ceremony will take place in a narrow circle, when the health conditions in the country improve, as a mass mass will be celebrated for the comfort of the eternal father Alexander.

In the details, after Father Basile spent more than 3 weeks in the Hotel Dieu Hospital where he was being treated for the Corona virus, and after 5 days of his recovery, leaving the hospital and returning to the Monastery of the Jesuit Fathers in Ashrafieh, Father Alex Basile died, due to heart problems that He was exhausted by the respirators he developed during his treatment of Corona.

Noting that “the late father was one of the first to be infected with the virus in Lebanon.”

Note: The nurses’ picture is expressive


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