Hey pictures :: Corona injuries soar in Lebanon …. Here are the details of the Ministry of Health report today, Wednesday


The Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 27 new cases of coronavirus, raising the total number of confirmed cases to 575.The Ministry of Public Health announced that it was confirmed that seven passengers were infected with COVID-19 out of 108 who were on board the plane that transported expatriates and arrived yesterday from Madrid.

Four passengers were also confirmed to have suffered COVID-19 out of 118 who were on board the aircraft that arrived from Paris.

Accordingly, positive cases will be taken to the hospital successively, with an emphasis on the application of strict home quarantine for negative cases, knowing that they will be followed up daily by the ministry and whoever shows any symptoms will be referred to the hospital for a laboratory review.

The results of the tests carried out on board the Istanbul and Lagos planes will be announced soon after their release.


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