Here is Barcelona’s plan to sign Neymar


There is no doubt that the Brazilian star Neymar da Silva remains the number one priority on the list of players, who Barcelona wants to sign with during the next transfer window, but a Spanish newspaper revealed that the Catalan club will change its plan this time.The Spanish newspaper “Sport” said that the Barcelona administration knows that signing Neymar will not be easy, adding that “it will do everything in its power to return the player to the Camp Nou.”

Barcelona is following the developments and developments of the player with his team, Paris Saint-Germain, where Neymar is expected to return to France next May, after the country lifted the restrictions that were imposed due to the emerging Corona virus.

The source pointed out that the Spanish team’s plan this time lies in “monitoring before moving”, that is, the Barsa administration will wait for the 28-year-old to inform Paris club officials that he does not wish to renew his contract, before entering the negotiation line.

“Barcelona has learned from previous negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain that events should not be anticipated, and therefore the first step is for Neymar to express his refusal to continue in France. At that time, Barcelona officials will intervene to press hard to conclude the deal.”

The newspaper pointed out that the summer Mercato can be opened from August to January, which means that the negotiations may continue for several months.

St. Germain officials had offered the Brazilian star to extend his contract until 2025, but talks between the two sides had been suspended.


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