Her condition is critical .. The Voice star recounts her suffering with Corona Virus “video”


The Voice star, Hamsa Mounif, posted a video through her account on the social networking site Instagram, revealing details of her infection with the Corona virus and her recovery from it. Hamsa Munif said: I live in Britain and I was returning from Paris and felt symptoms of infection with the Corona virus, as it was attacked by shortness of breath and a feeling of severe dryness in the throat and accompanied by a high temperature.

And Hamsa added, I decided to isolate myself at home with follow-up over the phone in a hospital, especially that in Britain, the cases infected with Corona virus were not treated through her presence in hospitals.

Hamsa explained: I was in a critical condition and got a single medicine that is a fever-reducing “parcetamol”, in addition to eating some warm drinks such as ginger and lemon.

Hamsa indicated that she completely isolated herself in a room on her own, and was communicating with her family through the closed door, and after a period of isolation, she felt an improvement in her health, and her strong immunity also helped her until she became completely recovered from the virus.


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