Heba Tuji has two contradictory characters in her first acting experiences!


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Lebanese artist Heba Touji is participating for the first time in acting through the series “Mania”, alongside the Syrian artist Abed Fahd, and Lebanese Carmen Lebbis, in a social drama written by Nadia Al Ahmar, and directed by Mohamed Lotfi.

The work events revolve around a plastic surgeon who is obsessed with the love of his wife, who is exposed to a traffic accident that brings her into a coma, and is the victim of his obsession, a girl who loves plastic surgery and tries to restore the image of his sleeping wife.

On what relates to the change of characters for the artist Heba Touji, the official responsible for fashion design for the work, “Sarah Keyrouz” in an interview on MBC channel, that the role of Heba Touji in the series “Mania” Katen is one of the most difficult characters who designed her costumes, indicating that Heba You play two different contrasting characters who are never alike, but at some point it is important that they are completely alike.


Keyrouz spoke in detail that at the beginning of the series she represented the gift of the character “Rama”, who is a brilliant, well-arranged woman married to a doctor and dressed in elegant and soft clothes, which she described as “romantic style”.

But when “Rama” enters into a coma, the gift of the character “Lana”, which for her was the most difficult, is embodied, because it appears in four stages, the first stage in which the character performs a girl who does not love herself and her body and has no money and is not interested in her clothes never, and then moves to the second stage at Her admiration for the sage (the artist Abed Fahd) works to improve her appearance and her clothes, but she does not have money. As for the third stage, when she gets to know the sage and starts giving her money, but she still chooses her taste for that, she does not reach the personality of “Rama” at this stage, and in the fourth stage, the sage becomes the one who He buys her clothes and controls her in order to resemble her With his wife who lives in a coma, so here the characters “Rama” and “Lana” are exactly the same.

Keyrouz explained that the task of coordinating the dress for the stages that the two characters go through was not an easy task, as fashion is one of the artistic elements of any drama and has a great influence in communicating the true meaning of the character to the viewer, especially in this series that includes different personalities performed by one actor.


She showed that she had been dealing with a gift for a long time, and not the first time that her fashion was coordinated, and this made her work very easy, noting that Heba is an artist and also a director and is engaged in acting for the first time in her artistic career, and therefore she was working on checking all her clothes herself.

On the other hand, the opinions of the audience were not a good start to this work, especially since the series is not currently shown on satellite channels, and this has sparked the audience’s grief, as it is being shown on one of the platforms that broadcast its programs through the Internet.

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