Health Minister: Germany controls the Corona virus


Health Minister: Germany controls the Corona virus


German Health Minister Jens Span

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said that the outbreak of the Coruna virus in the country is in a controllable state again, after the number of patients who have recovered is higher than the number of new infections.

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Germany is the fifth globally in the number of people with corona

“The outbreak has become from today and can be controlled and managed again,” Span said on Friday at a press conference, noting that the health care system “has never been so pressured.”

Earlier, Span said that the application to track contacts with HIV cases will be available to Germans to download and use on their smartphones within three to four weeks.

He added to the ARD TV that the developers are working hard on the application to make sure that the data protection standards are “as perfect as possible”, and he continued: “In order for (the application) to be really good, it needs three or four weeks, not two weeks.” .

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that Germany will take limited steps to exit from the general closure, with partial reopening of stores next week and schools from May 4.

Data from the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases showed on Friday that confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany increased by 3380 cases during the last 24 hours, to reach 133830.

The number of deaths during the past twenty-four hours has reached 299, bringing the total to 3,868.

Source: Reuters


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