He suddenly appears and disappears … Ragheb Alama’s niece tells the details of her infection


Mervat Turmus (23 years old), the daughter of the artist Ragheb Alama’s sister, revealed her infection with the new Corona virus, noting that she has complied with the instructions since the outbreak of the new Corona virus, she sat at home and followed the procedures of self-isolation and social separation, and despite that she was afflicted with Covid-19 disease that treated Herself from him while she is in her home.Mervat, who lives in the United States, said, according to “Sky News”, that she started feeling light headaches and symptoms and called the emergency room and went to a hospital, adding: “I thought that what I suffer because of pressure or sensitivity, but doctors said that these light symptoms mean corona But I don’t need to be hospitalized. ”

She noted that she had difficulty breathing, follow-up: I slept 15 hours of extreme fatigue and body aches, and the symptoms worsened, I could not stand and walk, lack of focus, and gastrointestinal pain.

“Over time, I thought I was cured, but the symptoms suddenly appeared, and they disappeared suddenly,” she added. “Corona virus afflicted me with mild symptoms, then the severity of the disease intensified, so do not underestimate the light symptoms.”

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