He puts it himself, chooses his words and numbers accurately, and does not share anyone with his content


The Republic stated that the Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salameh will respond today in a statement to be issued or broadcast by him on a series of positions that dealt with his policies in the recent period, especially the position expressed by the Prime Minister last Friday, and his skepticism in the procedures of the Bank of Lebanon, and asked him whether That is intentional or powerless. ”

Informed sources at the Bank of Lebanon told Al-Jumhuriya that Salama will show the course of the pressures that the Lebanese pound has been subjected to in recent years, especially since the last three years witnessed transfers of money abroad at a rate ranging between 3 and 5 billion dollars annually due to weak confidence in the state at a stage Two years later followed the presidential vacancy. It will also deal with the cost of support provided to the Lebanese state, especially the EDL, whose cost annually amounted to more than two decades ago to about one and a half billion dollars annually.

The sources pointed out that “the political struggles that Lebanon has experienced in the past three years increased the loss of confidence and hesitation in helping Lebanon, which increased the cost of fixing the price of the Lebanese pound, which was installed for several years at a high cost in implementation of a political decision, in implementation of the ruler’s powers and tasks set by law.” Cash and credit. “The sources said that Salama puts his statement by himself and chooses his words and numbers accurately, and did not include anyone until yesterday evening in its content, and he has not yet decided whether to circulate him or whether he will broadcast him with a sound and a picture. She pointed out that if the numbers surprised some citizens, then there would not be any surprising surprise in talking about the loss of accurate numbers, and that they were withheld from senior officials. ”And she emphasized that“ The numbers that Salameh will talk about today are in the custody of Aoun and Diab some time ago, as he informs them of Everyone concerned periodically. “

The Republic


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