He made tea with the water of a bathroom chair and presented it to his wife .. A prominent social media platform was arrested in Makkah


The security forces of the Holy Capital Police managed to overthrow one of the famous social media platforms after carrying out an improper conduct, by filling the water of the bathroom chair that is not intended for human consumption or human consumption and making a cup of tea and serving it to his wife.

And considered that what is done by it is criminalized by law and order, because it involves deliberately felony, exposing the soul to harm and destruction, and in its content that was published by addressing the instincts of children and raising them in a way that decorates them a behavior harmful to public health, in addition to publishing what would prejudice the public order, and criminal according to Article VI of the Information Crime Prevention Law.

The aforementioned citizen had appeared in a video clip that he photographed placing the water of a bathroom chair in a cup of tea, and presented it to his wife as a kind of prank as he described in another clip he produced, confessing that what he had done was a mold for his wife, and deleted it after her objection, as it might harm children Followers and teens.

He may face severe penalties of imprisonment for a period of up to 5 years, a fine of up to 3 million riyals, and a lack of a spirit of responsibility and national awareness, in what is published and circulated through social media, a behavior faced by the Public Prosecution, and has previously tightened its grip against these actions And she warned that she will not tolerate and will not hesitate to follow closely, for everything that is circulated socially.


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