He laughed at the taste of humiliation … a landfill program that angered Algerians


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

The Algerian authorities sent a strongly worded warning to a private television channel, due to the Maqbal program, which caused great public anger and resentment, and was considered offensive to women and insulting to the poor, which forced the channel to stop it.

The idea of ​​the program and its title, “Me and My Man” (my husband and I) broadcast by the channel “Numidia”, is based on choosing a person and hosting him, then informing him after his participation that he won a “gift”, which is a beautiful woman who has a salary, housing and a car, then they force him to recognize her and marry With her, they delude him to provide all the wedding supplies, and after convincing him that the marriage is real, he finally discovers that he was caught in a mold.

This state of anger and resentment swept through social networking sites, since the first episode aired Friday through Sunday evening, especially since the victim was poor and was suffering from difficult financial conditions, and the news of marriage brought great joy to his heart by achieving his dream of forming a family, before he discovered that he was a victim of a lie And mold for Ramadan program.

The Algerians also criticized the content of this program, accusing him of manipulating the feelings of the poor, using them, and humiliating them to raise viewership levels. They also considered that portraying a woman as a “gift” is an insulting and offensive to her and her image in society, amid the demands of the authorities to intervene, to stop the program, and they announced their solidarity. With the victims of the program.

Prejudice to the rules of the profession and its ethics

On the other hand, the audiovisual control authority, Sunday water, issued an ultimatum to the channel, and called on it to “not repeat such types of programs and commit immediately to this,” and confirmed that it “reserves the right to take other measures in case the channel persists in this.”

Channel Statement
Channel Statement

She also considered that the program contains “prejudice to the rules of the profession and its ethics, a violation of the principles and rules of public order, and a prejudice to the private life, honor and reputation of persons.”

For its part, the channel presented an official apology from the Algerians, for what was mentioned in the content of the program and announced its withdrawal from Ramadan programming, and considered that broadcasting the episodes “an isolated mistake and a miscalculation that does not fully reflect the channel’s keenness to serve the Algerian family and family and provide content that matches the sanctities of Algerian society in the month of Ramadan” .


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