He criticized the “misinformation” of China … the Revolutionary Guards attack the health spokesman


Source: Arabic.Net- Saleh Hameed

On Wednesday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Political Guidance Department attacked a spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Health, Qianosh Jahanpour, for describing China’s statistics on injuries and deaths caused by the outbreak of the Coruna virus as a “bitter joke” and “misleading.”

The Guards considered Jahanpur’s statements “irresponsible and inaccurate, but harmful to national interests,” adding that they had caused discontent with the Chinese ambassador and the government of his country.

The attack came during an article in the weekly “Sobh Sadiq”, which is issued by the Political Guidance Department of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, calling for “appeasing China” and “correcting inappropriate inappropriate statements and investigating these positions.”

The Guard newspaper also confirmed that the statements of the Iranian Ministry of Health spokesman, “not only angered the Chinese ambassador in Tehran, but also upset the supporters of the Iranian regime.”

“A bitter joke.”

“The statistics issued by China were a bitter joke, because many people in the world were deceived by it and they believed that this disease is like the flu with fewer deaths,” Jahanpur said in a video conference on Sunday.

He also added at the time that “when they say in China the epidemic was brought under control within two months, one has to really think about it.”

But his remarks angered the Chinese ambassador in Tehran, Zhang Huahua, who responded to Jahanpur via Twitter, saying: “The Chinese Ministry of Health holds a press conference every day, to draw conclusions. I suggest you read its news carefully.”

From a hospital in Tehran
From a hospital in Tehran

And the Iranian Foreign Ministry tried to get the matter before it turned into a political crisis between Tehran and its most important trading partner in light of the sanctions and the spread of Corona, as the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, stressed the “need to appreciate China’s efforts to combat the spread of the Corona virus.”

“Sacrifice people’s lives”

However, after that he stated Iranian Parliament Member, Shahrouz Berziger Kalshani, He is a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian parliament that “the government sacrifices people’s lives for the sake of relations with China.”

Dr. Hamed Suri, a member of the National Center for Combating Corona Virus in Iran, defended the Minister of Health’s statements, and revealed Tuesday in statements to the Iranian official news agency “IRNA” that there are about half a million infections in the country, describing the current government estimates about the number of infections as “Inaccurate,” he said.

This confusion comes as many countries, including the United States, question the numbers and statistics provided by Iran and China about the reality of the spread of the virus in these two countries, which were the first outbreaks of the pandemic.

From Tehran (archive - AFP)
From Tehran (archive – AFP)

Last Friday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo questioned the information received from China, and complained that she had led the United States to face more challenges in dealing with the epidemic.

In recent days, global media have also questioned China’s statistics, especially in the Wuhan epidemic center.

As for Iran, which has been suffering from the coronavirus pandemic since last February, it claims that the deaths reached more than 4000 people as of Wednesday, but independent press sources indicate more than 8,000 deaths.

Those sources also indicate that the injuries exceeded 140,000 cases, while the authorities claim that the number of injured is only 67,000, amid accusations by the authorities of continuing to be discreet and opaque.


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