“He came out of a Chinese laboratory” … discoverer of AIDS blows up the novel of the country of a billion


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He ruled out the possibility that the epidemic had left the animal market, but had infiltrated from Chinese laboratoryIt is the discoverer of AIDS, the French scientist crowned with the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Luc Montaigne.

In a statement published by the “cnews” website, Montaigne suggested that the new Corona virus (Covid 19) had gone out of a Chinese laboratory, ruling out that the animal sale market in Wuhan, the virus’s birthplace, was skeptical of the country of the billion.

The virologist, who had previously discovered the HIV virus that leads to AIDS, made it clear in a press interview that the Wuhan City Laboratory has been studying viruses belonging to the Corona family since the beginning of 2000, and therefore researchers have sacrificed it Specialists in this field.

He also indicated that he and his fellow researcher in mathematical sciences, John Claude Perez, studied the most accurate details related to the pandemic that has become a global pandemic, saying: “We were not the first to do this, because a number of Indian researchers tried to publish a study that identifies genetic material ( Genome) of the emerging corona virus. A sequence of another virus, the HIV virus that causes AIDS, was found.

Truth Finds Its Way

He added that the Indian researchers later retracted their findings, but the scientific truth has always continued to make its way, as he put it.

China: We have nothing to hide

On Friday, China responded with increasing criticism of the way it managed the Corona Virus file, which was launched from one of its cities last December, reiterating that it had not hidden anything from the epidemic, and that it does not allow blackout on this issue.

“The Chinese government does not allow any information of this kind to be concealed,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Jian said at a press conference on Friday.

AIDS Finder
AIDS Finder

He also explained that reviewing the death toll from the virus in his stronghold in Wuhan was the result of checking statistics, and it is a common international practice.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry called for international unity in the face of the spread of Corona, after criticism by French President Emmanuel Macron and several Western capitals over the Beijing administration of the Covid-19 epidemic.

“It is imperative that all countries unite to fight the epidemic and win the war against Coved-19,” Li Jian said, after Macron told the Financial Times on Thursday that it was “naive” to say that China’s management of the crisis was better than that of western countries. .

These statements come in response to the accusation of several Western countries, particularly the United States, China of not being transparent in its dealings with the virus, especially in its early stages, which exacerbated the spread of infection around the world.

The US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, accused China yesterday of misleading and lacking transparency, considering that its management of this health file is not reliable.

Wuhan Institute (France Press)
Wuhan Institute (France Press)

Earlier today, the municipality of Wuhan, the birthplace of the virus, which has expanded to more than 193 countries and territories since its appearance last December, and affected more than two million people around the world, announced that 1,300 additional deaths had been recorded in Koruna in the country after a review of the number of victims.

In addition, the virus continues to harvest, reporting the deaths of more than 150,000 people worldwide and more than two million infections, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics based on figures provided by government health authorities around the world.


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