Hazard worries about his fitness in the home stone


“It is difficult to avoid overeating”

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April 13, 2020

Belgian international and Real Madrid star Aiden Hazard admitted that he was finding it difficult to get away from the kitchen and eat pastries during the period of home stone.

“I try as closely as I can to keep fit, but as you know in this difficult period at home it is difficult to avoid overeating,” Hazard said in a direct interview on Instagram. He added, “I follow up on a daily system of exercises organized by the club in order to recover well from injury.”

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And Hazard continued: “It is good that we have a garden at home, trying with a foot and a half to teach my kids football.”

Hazard had suffered a major ankle injury that kept him out of the field in addition to his suffering with some of the extra weight when he signed with Real Madrid with the ire of Real Madrid fans, asking him to pay attention to his physical fitness.


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